Ground Spices

The quality and taste of Vijs pure ground spices are authentic and very aromatic as the Naturally rich spices are freshly sourced from the best farms of India. Our ground spices powders are free from any impurities and foreign matter as they are processed under hygienic conditions under strict quality standards. From harvesting to drying and to processing the spices, all are performed as per FDA standards to meet the quality norms. You can buy ground Spices from Vijs to add mouth-watering flavors to your dish.

Our ground spices go through various stages of processing before we serve you. It further goes through several quality control measures, maintaining the taste, color & aroma. Vijs ground spices are given the right amount of heat and pressure in order to retain to their natural form. The result? Aromatic, flavorful spices with great taste and long shelf life.

Our range of ground spices online includes turmeric powder, chilly powder, black pepper powder, cumin powder, and coriander powder.