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After dominating the West Coast restaurant scene for a decade, Chef Vikram Vij is all set to launch his line of gourmet products in partnership with Ghalley Holdings Ltd, who are pioneers in sourcing the highest quality, natural certified ingredients and materials.

Our products are created for you and the family to have a better-at-home cooking experience.

Fraditional Indian


Elevate your culinary experience with Vijs Frozen Indian Appetizers. Indulge in the authentic flavors of India at your convenience. From delectable samosas to flavorful cauliflower bites and crunchy masala spring rolls, our premium, chef-crafted selection brings the taste of Vij's renowned cuisine to your home. Elevate your appetizer game effortlessly with Vijs. Unwrap, heat, and savor!



Meticulously handcrafted samosas infused with the unique touch of Chef Vikram Vij. Our samosas boast a masala infused potato and pea filling, paired with date and tamarind chutney, elevating the traditional snack to new heights!

Masala Spring Rolls

Masala Spring Rolls

A gourmet snacking experience that transcends the ordinary, providing a customizable journey through three steps of culinary delight. Experience the unmatched fusion of tradition, spice, and innovation in every bite



Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of flavors, featuring a spice‑infused breading that's uniquely Chef Vikram Vij's creation, paired with the exquisite Chili Garlic Sauce, it's an Indian fusion twist beloved by all!


Our Objective & Values

We pledge to provide superior quality products without compromising with nutrition value, texture, taste and aroma.

Pure & Unadulterated

Every batch that we produce undergoes lab testing by a credited lab

Hygenically Packed

Prepared by perfectionists and packed by experts, in certified packaging facitlities

100% Veg

We do not use animal products in any form. Our products are 100% vegetarian

Vij's Family Chicken Curry with Vikram Vij

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Simple and quick recipes that enrich everyday meals with extra nutrition and joy.

Vijs Frozen Snacks:
Exemplifying Uncompromising Quality

At Vijs, our frozen snacks embody a commitment to unparalleled quality from inception to consumption. Our production facility adheres rigorously to the latest industry standards, ensuring the creation of the finest products with only the highest‑grade ingredients.

Beginning with the careful selection of premium ingredients, Vijs Frozen Snacks undergo a meticulous journey through various quality assurance steps. Stringent adherence to industry norms guarantees that every product reaching our customers is of the utmost quality. From the initial stages of ingredient selection to the final completion of our frozen delights, Vijs maintains an unwavering dedication to excellence.

Customers can trust that Vijs Frozen Snacks not only meet but surpass their expectations, providing a culinary experience crafted with precision, care, and an unwavering commitment to delivering the finest frozen treats.


Vijs Frozen Samosas have become my go‑to snack for impromptu gatherings. They’re not just convenient; they’re authentically delicious. My guests are always impressed by the rich, aromatic flavors. Vijs has truly nailed the art of frozen samosas

Vijs Cauliflower Wings are my guilt‑free indulgence. The perfect alternative to traditional wings, these bites are not only delicious but also guilt‑free. I love that I can enjoy the bold flavors without compromising on my health goals.

Vijs Frozen Samosas have become a staple in my freezer. The explosion of flavors with each bite is incredible. The filling is just right, and the convenience of having these restaurant‑quality samosas at home is a game‑changer.

Vijs Cauliflower Wings are a revelation! The crispy texture combined with the bold flavors is a true delight for the taste buds. Even my pickiest eaters couldn’t resist. A must‑try for anyone who loves a satisfying crunch!

Vijs Frozen Samosas are an absolute game‑changer! The perfect blend of spices and flaky crust takes me back to the streets of India. It’s like having a piece of authenticity right in my freezer. Absolutely love it!

Being a housewife I always wanted to to try different species and masala of different brands. But after trying Vijs Blended Spices, my cooking has gone to a diffrent level, alays recommend Vij’s spices.

Excellent taste with Vij’s blended spices made from real and natural ingredients. Totally balanced and no need to add any other spices. Love the Aroma it gives to the food after cooking.

The dal is very similar to what we used to get in our village. The flavor is so similar to the ones we get in our village farms.

When you polish the dal, it loses its protein. I am glad that I switched to Dal as it has so many health benefits. There’s no compromise on health in any way. I’ve always wanted to stick to the since it generates trust. We feel like we won’t be cheated.

With an unmatched understanding of spices, pickles, salts, and pastes we acquire a unique advantage of taste and processing. From sourcing the best ingredients, to processing them in our state-of-the-art processing unit, we ensure to provide the best spices in Canada.

Being a quality-oriented brand, we implement our core value of quality in our production process. The ingredients are cleaned and processed under hygienic conditions to ensure top-quality products. Along with this, we supply our products in moisture-free packaging material to intact their wholesome goodness.

Our top-quality spices online are sure to enliven, enhance and thoroughly rejuvenate your cooking with their authentic taste and freshness.

With the experience and expertise of Chef Vikram Vij and supported by a team of experienced professionals we are set to provide quality spices in Canada and give the authentic taste and experience of Indian Cuisines. So, if you are looking for top-quality spices online, vijsforyou.com is the best place to buy.