Himalayan Pink Salt

In recent years, Himalayan salt has gained a lot of popularity for its health benefits and more people are swapping their table salt with this one. Himalayan salt is also grainier with bigger granules than regular salt.

What makes it healthy, and gives the rock salt the pink color is the fact that 84 different minerals are present in it. Finding pure and real Himalayan pink salt online can often be difficult as many companies tend to sell fake Himalayan salt. We are one of the few brands in Canada selling authentic Himalayan salt.

Vijs is a premium brand selling the most exclusive Himalayan salt indigenous to the Himalayan mountainous region. All of our products are authentic and of the topmost quality as we process the Himalayan salt through cutting-edge processing units, and path-breaking research and development tools to ensure no impurities are present in our products. We are one of the few suppliers of unmatched quality Himalayan salt online.