Add zest and zing to your culinary delights by using only the best quality of spices and kitchen ingredients. Vij’s Spices, floated by a five star chef with decades of experience, brings you a choice collection of products designed to add a spectrum of flavors and to make cooking an easier task.


Do away with the drudgery of grinding garlic and ginger. Use Vij’s Spices Ginger paste, garlic paste and a mix of garlic-ginger paste to impart richness, flavor and taste to curries. Choicest varieties of hand-picked ginger and garlic
go into the making of pastes prepared in the most hygienic conditions. You will find no added preservatives except pink Himalayan rock salt.


Pickles just like the way mother used to make them. Vij’s exotic collection starts by introducing perennial favorite mango pickle prepared with wholesome spices and oil, matured the natural way, with no added vinegar
or preservatives. Take taste to the next level with Vij’s mixed pickle, a mix of mango, lemon, chillies and carrots. It is tangy. It is tasty. It is simply irresistible.

Legume and lentils

Fortify your family with pure, wholesome and delicious proteins! Vij’s brings you whole mung beans, red split lentil (masoor dal), split yellow mung dal, red kidney beans (rajmah), chickpeas (kabuli chana), black gram lentil
(urad), split chickpeas (chana dal) and black chickpeas (desi chana). We source these legumes and lentils from hand picked farms where only quality methods are used for cultivation. You get pure, wholesome nutrition.

Ground spices

There is heaven and earth difference between Vij’s and other ground spices.
Vij’s sources ingredients after careful check of flavonoid and essential oil content for each spice. Our collection gives you the finest salem turmeric powder, red chilli powder free of stems and seeds, black pepper powder
processed and packed to retain freshness and that vital aroma, Cumin powder with high essential oil and aromatic compounds and finally, the mainstay of Indian cooking, coriander powder made after slightly roasting
seeds to enhance the flavor.

Spice Blends

Spice blends is an area where Vij’s excels and stands head and shoulders
above the rest. Our current selection starts with an offering of Barbeque
spice blend, traditional garam masala blend, tangy chat spice for garnish,
Kashmiri deg mirch blend and korma masala blend.

The Barbeque spice blend embodies the spirit of the west and east. It
lets you experiment and be bold to create exquisite meat and
vegetable offerings, transformed by the smoky allure of this spice
Garam masala blend is a painstaking creation crafted with loving care,
made up of choicest spices, individually roasted and then ground
together to fill your heat and soul with its exquisite aroma and taste.
The chat masala blend contains exquisite spices, a touch of heat, a
touch of salt and a bit of tartness to enliven salads, chaats and even
drinks like lemon juice and buttermilk.
Kashmiri deggi mirch masala is all about red chillies but here we use a
blend of different types of Kashmiri chillies to impart color, body and a
unique aroma to your curries and pulaos.
Korma Masala recreates the rich, creamy delights of Laknavi and
Awadhi kitchens, enabling you to prepare delicious aromatic, dripping
gravies, mild yet flavorful with a lingering aftertaste.

Stock your pantry with Vij’s. You will become a maestro, creating wonderful
compositions to keep your family enthralled.